Why a Promo Video is so Important for your Wedding Business

For any wedding pro marketing is always one of the biggest financial outlays. Most of us don’t have a shop front, and right now are working virtually from home, so therefore the chance of foot traffic is non existent.

This leaves you with a problem. How do you really get the attention of your ideal client? Of course there are all the obvious answers, such as building a website, posting on social media, writing blogs etc.

But these only do so much. How do you really get to connect with your clients when you can’t physically get in front of them. How do you build that emotional connection with them? This is where a great promo video comes in.

Immediately, I can sense you taking a sharp breath. Firstly, that sounds scary as hell and secondly how much is that going to cost?

Trust me when I say it’s not that bad. As a wedding pro a promo video is one of the best ways to showcase what you do, build connection and get people to fall in love with you. Yes, literally fall in love with the idea of working with you.

Short of taking a prospective client to a wedding with you, which we all know you can’t do, how else can you allow your couples into your world of creative magic?

Again, this is where the power of a well-produced promo video comes in.

If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a milliion.

Since Covid decided to take over our lives we’ve all been consuming more video content than ever. We’re doing more Zooms. We’re watching more YouTube videos. Quite simply we’ve been using video to help us connect with others.

Creating Video Content

So how does it all work?

Well first you need to find yourself a good videographer. One that knows how to shoot promos and can help you to navigate the story behind it.

Again this doesn’t have to be huge budget. You’ll find that many wedding videographers are the perfect people for this. You can easily come to some agreement with them that works for you both.

Alternatively, the first time I did this I went to the local Uni who had students specialising in this type of thing and were looking for work experience. The bonus here was they were super creative and had some amazing ideas.

Once you’ve found your perfect videographer you’ll want to talk about your vision for your promo. The story you want to tell, what you want to achieve and your time frame.

Then you’ll create a storyboard that will have between 8 – 12 individual boards, that when joined together become the story behind your video.

A word to the wise, never allow your video to go over 90 seconds. It might not sound very long but believe you me if you can’t get your message across in this time you’ll have lost your audience.

When I did my first promo video for the Wedding Academy I conducted some research on other course providers and nearly fell asleep whilst watching them. They dragged on and on and I found myself flicking through to the end.

Promo Video for Your Wedding Biz

Keep it short, sweet and concise.

Try and avoid using too many still images. Instead maybe use some footage from one of your weddings. The next time you do a wedding why not get one of your friends to join you as your assistant and get them to film you in action.

Keep it real. Nobody wants to watch image after image of some random couple or bride throwing her bouquet etc. What they want to see is you and what you can do – how you’re going to help them bring their wedding alive.

You could include some footage of you on a consultation with a bride, taking them to meet suppliers and maybe finish the video with a 6 second interview with one of your former brides. Take the time to think it through.

Whatever you decide to include within your video make sure you write yourself a script. You’ll need to do a certain amount of voice over and there’s nothing worse than being tongue tied once the camera starts rolling. Know in advance what you want to say and the points you want to make. Then rehearse, rehearse, rhearse!

Finally comes the fun part. The bit where you get to go into the studio and film your intro and ending.

Make sure you dress appropriately and give some thought to the outfit you want to wear. You only have one chance to make a first impression so project the right image to your audience.

Be sure to wear plenty of makeup as well, you don’t want to look pale and pasty.

And above all else remember to have some fun. I know I said this won’t break the bank, but you still don’t want to have to do a remake any time soon.

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