• Black Friday VIP Day

    Black Friday VIP Day

    The nearer it gets to Xmas the more excited I get and right now I’m pretty bloody excited. Why? Because I’m putting out my very first Black Friday offer for Wedding CEO – woohoo! Oh and of course, Black Friday is my signal to put my three Xmas Trees up ???????????? But seriously, there is […]


  • The Mindset of a Wedding Business

    The Mindset of a Successful Wedding Business

    A successful wedding business isn’t made it’s built. Have you ever wondered what it really takes to run a successful wedding business? I think everyone would answer that question differently. But for me, it’s all about mindset. I can’t speak for everyone but I know deep down that the only reason I’ve had the success […]


  • How to Use Black Friday to Boost Your Wedding Business in 2020

    Are you looking for ideas on how to boost your wedding business after the season that never was? Black Friday is without a doubt one of the biggest shopping days of the year now. What started as a predominantly US based idea has now spread globally. It’s the same time every year, the day after […]


  • 9 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Work Harder

    9 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Work Harder

    How do you make your blog posts work harder? That’s the million dollar question. I don’t know about you but sometimes it feels like all I do is create content for my business. It’s a hamster wheel that just keeps going around. As wedding business owners we wear so many hats and content creator is […]


  • The 101 of Instagram Reels and your Wedding Business

    The question you should be asking isn’t will you use Instagram Reels in your wedding business, but when. I know, I know, it feels like every time you wake up in the morning there’s a new social media ‘thing’ you have to add to your list. There’s Facebook Pages, Groups, Lives, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, […]