• An interview with Bron Hansboro

    Moving the Race Needle Forward with Bron Hansboro

    Today I had the great pleasure to have an open and honest conversation with Bron Hansboro, the Flower Guy Bron You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about the events of the last couple of weeks and the effect George Floyd’s death has had around the world. It’s highlighted so […]


  • Marketing Your Wedding Business

    What is marketing anyway?

    Over this lockdown period I’ve had more time to attempt to do the garden, go on walks with my border collie, Lottie, and read. It’s been wonderful to actually slow down and take things in and give myself back the luxury of time. One book that’s been on my marketing list for a while now […]


  • The Power of Five

    The Power of 5 and your Wedding Business

    For me there’s something very powerful about the number five. I don’t actually like odd numbers because they make me uncomfortable. But there is something about this particular number. During this rather challenging and uncertain period it has given me time to reflect and think. It’s all too easy to fall down that rabbit hole […]


  • How to Get More Clients

    How to Get More Clients for your Wedding Business

    You’ve launched your business but there’s nobody emailing to book a consultation or block out a date in your diary. To put it simply, you need to get more clients for your wedding business. Sound familiar? I hear you. When I first started my wedding planning business I didn’t have a clue where to start. […]


  • 5 Tips to Achieve your Goals

    5 Top Tips for Achieving Your Goals Easily

    Achieving your goals can be hard. We’ve all been there where we’ve looked at our list of goals only to find we’ve not ticked anything off. How often do you sit down at the start of each year and lay out your goals for your wedding business? It’s usually what we do in January. It’s […]