• How to Find Your Ideal Client

    How to Find Your Ideal Wedding Client

    Do you know how to find your wedding ideal client? The question I hear the most is “How can I find clients for my wedding business?” Now whilst this is a great question its not an easy one to answer in just one sentence because it depends on so many things. To ask that question […]


  • Overcoming Objections from your Wedding Clients

    Overcoming Objections From Clients in Your Wedding Business

    Overcoming objections from clients in your wedding business is something we all have to deal with. You’re just too expensive and it’s out of my budget. Have you ever heard those words as a wedding pro? I’m guessing you probably have because we all have at some point. The question is how do you deal […]


  • How to create a client experience that gets clients

    How to Create a Client Experience that gets Bookings

    The phrase ‘Client Experience’ is one that is used a lot in the wedding industry as so much of what we do is about personalisation and the small details. But do you actually understand what that phrase means? Do you know what it encompasses or how to create your own Bridal Client Experience? What is […]


  • The Secret of My Success as a Wedding CEO

    The Secret of My Success

    Anyone remember the movie from the 80’s, The Secret of My Success, with Michael J Fox? Well I do, which I know is showing my age, but I grew up in that fabulous era and this film provided some amazing inspiration for me. The main character wasn’t satisfied with being stuck down in the mailroom […]