• Black Friday VIP Day

    The nearer it gets to Xmas the more excited I get and right now I’m pretty bloody excited.


    Because I’m putting out my very first Black Friday offer for Wedding CEO – woohoo!

    Oh and of course, Black Friday is my signal to put my three Xmas Trees up ????????????

    But seriously, there is a point to this blog post. A BIG ONE.

    ???? I’m hosting a Black Friday VIP Day for 24 hours only on Sunday November 22nd ????

    I hate crowds. I hate rushing and I never like to be the last to do anything.

    That’s why I’m starting my Black Friday sale earlier than most.

    So here’s the details. I’m bundling together my two BEST courses into one AMAZING offer.

    1. Pinterest 101 for Wedding Pros
    2. Instagram Marketing that Books Couples

    But only for those people who register!


    And did I mention it’s 50% off too. I never do things by halves.

    There is a catch though…

    This offer is only available for 24 hours! So after your Sunday Roast make sure you log on and nab yourself this crazy deal.

    The value is insane but you’ll have to wait till the 22nd to find out how insane.

    Off you go. Save your spot so you can relax knowing you won’t miss out.

    Black Friday Discount


  • How To Charge Luxury Prices in Your Wedding Business

    If you’re in wedding business I’m sure you’ve wondered how to raise your fees and charge luxury prices.

    Well here’s the thing. When it comes to pricing it usually isn’t about the actual price but more about the perceived value.

    What do I mean by that?

    Well, in 2018 Payless Shoes, a bargain basement shoe brand, decided to do an experiment. They wanted to prove that people will pay over the odds for something if they believe the value to be there.

    They enlisted the help of a growth accelerator company to rent out what used to be an Armani storefront in a luxury Mall in Los Angeles.

    Then they filled the store with a range of their shoes all priced between $19.99 – $39.99 and came up with the store name of Palessi Shoes.

    And created a website for those smart cookies who were likely to Google the brand and then invited 60+ influencers to come to the store.

    The results were amazing.

    At 1800 percent mark-up the newly formed Palessi made $3,000 of sales in the first few hours.

    The influencers were eating up the shoes and loving them. They were even overheard talking about how elegant and sophisticated the range was.

    Not one pair of shoes sold to those influencers was an actual designer shoe. They came from the current Payless collection and weren’t worth more than $39.99.

    Now once they’d proved their point Payless refunded the red-faced influencers for their purchase. But not before they’d created one powerful advert for their brand.

    So what does this all add up to?

    Customers will pay premium for an experience. If you want to charge luxury prices as a wedding professional you need to create an extraordinary experience.

    Those influencers believed they were in a designer store looking at designer shoes with a designer label.

    In reality they were in a discount store looking at cheap shoes you could get on any high street for under $50.

    It really is about perceived value. What’s valuable to you won’t be valuable to someone else. It’s about creating an experience for your wedding clients that they see as valuable to them.

    In order to do this, you have to know your ideal client and what will flip the switch for them.

    Find out what they’re drawn to

    Maybe they’re drawn in by exclusivity and feeling part of a secret club or society. They have that desire to feel special.

    Perhaps it’s all about the packaging and details. They love the feeling of everything being hand delivered in exquisite wrapping.

    For some it will be about the company you keep and how they get to be part of that company by association. This would apply if you’ve had any high-profile clients, for some this is a massive drawcard and they’ll pay to be part of that story.

    For others it’s about being part of a cause. Maybe they’d want to tell their wedding story by working with a vendor team who produces environmentally friendly weddings.

    Ask the question. What is it your ideal client values above all else? What experience can you create that will get them doing what those influencers did at Palessi?

    This isn’t something you can just skim over. You’ve got to dig deep and really analyse what unique experience you can create that will speak to their greatest desires.

    If you’re stuck think about what gets you pulling out your credit card and paying over the odds for something?

    I know for me one of those things is Apple. I’m well aware I could have a superior phone at half the price but that’s not what I want. I’d rather pay over the odds for an iPhone.

    What do you need to create to give your clients that dream experience they’d happily pay the price for.


  • Collaborating with the Competition in Your Wedding Business

    During this time of unrest and unknown futures we’re all wondering about what the next 12-18 months holds in store for us. One of the things I love about the wedding industry is how we all pull together when the chips are down.

    Today I wanted to tackle the subject of collaborating with the competition. For me I’ve always believed that competition is healthy as it keeps me on my toes.

    And more often than not I’m good friends with most of my competition. We support each other and are sounding boards to run ideas off. I’ve even been on the same mastermind course as one of my direct competitiors.

    Competition is healthy

    As wedding pros we’re in the business of being creative. So much of our inspiration is gained from others in the industry. We read wedding blogs, scan social media, watch videos and look at what others in our industry are up to.

    So how creative are you being if all the ideas you come up with have been taken from your competition? It’s a good question and one that has been asked many times.

    In an age when we can all access everything on the internet has this caused problems or simply been a fantastic way for your business to get noticed?

    Well I think the answer to both these points is YES. However, a problem is only a problem if you let it become one.

    Social Media has helped small businesses to develop in a way they’ve never been able to do before.

    Previously, you’d have needed a huge marketing budget to generate enough publicity to get you noticed. Now with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Pinterest you can promote yourself globally to a market that is ready, willing and able to listen.

    By definition creativity is a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts (taken from Wikipedia).

    Nowhere does it say that creativity is copying or stealing someone else’s work.

    Guaranteed, most of your really good ideas are formed from the basis of something you’ve seen somewhere else. However, being creative means taking a basic idea and then putting your own unique spin on it.

    If you aren’t able to do this then you don’t deserve to call yourself creative.

    This isn’t a get out clause by the way. An outright copy of someone else’s ideas is WRONG! Be original, take ownership and have pride in delivering something you know is uniquely yours.

    They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However that doesn’t help if your work has been copied.

    So we come back to the question of how do you stop this being a problem?

    Well does anyone remember the movie ‘Working Girl’ with Melanie Griffiths, Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford? Well I do and there was a great moral to that story.

    Sigourney Weaver’s character tried to pass Melanie Griffith’s characters ideas off as her own. When challenged to tell the story of how she came up with those ideas she was unable to. Because of course, she hadn’t come up with the ideas in the first place.

    My answer to all this is community over competition. Collaborate and innovate together. You’ll be amazed how wonderful it feels to have an ally in the industry.

    When you’re feeling low and need someone to talk to your competition will know how you feel and sympathise.

    When you get an enquiry for a date you’re already booked your competition will help. And vice versa.

    When you want to talk about a client issue your competition will be able to offer advice.

    And sometimes it’s just about having a coffee and a good old natter with someone that really gets it.

    Some of my best industry friendships have come from so called competition. We support each other and ultimately know that we each have our own tribe.

    I will leave you with this thought. Be an innovator and watch your dreams come true. Be a follower and watch the dreams of others come true. Kylie Carlson ©

    And don’t forget to tune into The Wedding CEO Podcast every Tuesday.


  • Are you ready to ‘Break Free’ and let your wedding business fly?

    I love music and it is a big form of inspiration for me and always has been. Today I was on my daily dog walk with my border collie, Lottie, and I decided to listen to the soundtrack from the stage show ‘We Will Rock You’ – amazing show BTW.

    As I was listening, I suddenly realised how many of those songs could be turned into inspiration for moving your business forward.

    So let me ask you, are you feeling ‘Under Pressure’ right now? Are you stuck in your wedding business and feel like you’re not moving forward?

    I’ve been in business now for over 20 years and the Wedding Academy is my second business. My first company was my event and production company in London where I produced weddings and events around the world.

    Something I learnt very early on was that being in business means you have to be willing to take risks.

    Calculated risks but risks all the same.

    To do that you have to have ‘One Vision’ – a vision that takes you to your goal.

    Another thing I discovered was that it is very easy to get in your own way.

    What do I mean by that?

    Well all too often we’re our own worst enemies and stop ourselves from moving forward because our minds tell us we can’t.

    The most common example of this is “I’m not ready yet.” Not ready for what?

    1. Ready to launch your website.
    2. Ready to write that blog post.
    3. Ready to meet clients.
    4. Ready to let your wedding business be successful.


    And all of these are excuses and a form of getting in your own way.

    Imagine if you actually allowed yourself to move forward in your business. What would that look like? Where might you be now?

    What if you allowed yourself to think ‘I want to break free’? Free from the constraints you’re putting on yourself that are stopping you from moving forward.

    You could be on the third revamp of your website. Maybe you’ve written your 10th blog post? Signed your first client or just started to see your business grow.

    None of this is possible unless you take action. It’s called taking imperfect action because no action you take is going to be perfect.

    You may think your website is perfect, but I promise you the minute you launch you’ll be changing things. That’s because nothing is ever perfect and that’s absolutely fine.

    Why? Because the feeling when you actually get out of your own way and allow yourself to grow, make mistakes, do what it is you were put on this earth to do is amazing. In fact, ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’.

    I challenge you to take an imperfect action this week. Be ‘A Killer Queen’ and take control.

    If you don’t, you’ll still be sitting in the same place this time next year no further forward and still procrastinating.

    I don’t want to look at your wedding business in a year’s time and say ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.

    If you really want to know how to move your wedding business forward then DOWNLOAD THE BUSINESS ROADMAP – I designed it with you in mind.


  • How to Beat the Productivity Nightmare in your Marketing

    Would you like to know how to supercharge your productivity in your wedding business?

    How is it we all seem to be so busy all of the time and why is it that some people seem to achieve so much more than others?

    So if we all have the same 24 hours in a day why can’t we all get the same amount done?

    There is a simple answer and it’s because most of us aren’t wired to be productive.

    It also isn’t a particularly sexy subject so we choose not to really address it.

    But here’s the thing, when you implement just a few key strategies into your working life you will watch your productivity literally explode.

    In the video at the end of this post I share my hacks for getting the most out of any 24 hour period with some simple and easy to implement strategies.

    In the meantime though here are 3 easy things you can do straight away to help you actually manage your marketing:

    Learn to say no.

    Whilst I live by my To Do List I also have a What Not To Do List, meaning there are things I need to remind myself not to say yes to. This is something I learnt from Steve Jobs. He said that what made Apple great wasn’t the things they decided to create but the things they decided not to create.

    Work in time blocks.

    Learn to block out your time in chunks of no more than 90 minutes and then take a break of at least 10. You can’t work at optimum level for longer than 90 minutes so get up, take a walk, get a coffee, whatever it is to take a break at this point.

    Learn to let go.

    Outsource all those things that you are not BITW (Best In The World). Seriously, why spend 6 hours trying to figure out how to balance the books when you could pay a bookkeeper to do it in an hour. You have to value your time and put a figure to it. Know where your strengths lie and where they don’t.