The phrase ‘Client Experience’ is one that is used a lot in the wedding industry as so much of what we do is about personalisation and the small details.

But do you actually understand what that phrase means?

Do you know what it encompasses or how to create your own Bridal Client Experience?

What is a Client Experience?

Quite simply a client experience is ‘the journey’ your bridal couple go on when they choose to engage and interact with you, whether as a client or potential client.

From the moment they find your website, see you on social media or receive one of your emails thy need to be wowed.

A good client experience actually starts before they ever become a client and it never really finishes.

How to Get Started

As with so many things we talk about here at the Wedding Academy your client experience starts with your ICA – your ideal client avatar.

You need to know and understand the things that delight your ideal client, challenge them, make them laugh or cry, get them emotional and all those other things that go into making up a detailed ICA.

Then you need to have those things on hand every time you create something for your audience.

There are 5 main areas that go into making up a client experience and we’re going to look at each one individually:

  • The First Look
  • The Enquiry Procedure
  • The Booking Procedure
  • The Client Journey
  • After the Wedding

The First Look

When you’re planning out your website think about how you want your ideal client to feel  when they interact with your site.

This is your first opportunity to create a good first impression and you have approximately ten seconds in which to do this, so make it count.

Your website should be easy to navigate with strong CTAs, images that are on brand and the ability to make those who land on it feel like they’re in the right place.

The same goes for your social media. Always ask yourself the question, is this something I want my ideal client to see?

Enquiry Procedure

How easy is it to get in touch with you? Do you make your ideal client search for the ‘Book a Consultation Button’?

Never make your client do the hard work you need to do it for them. Everything should be seamless from the ability to contact you to the timely response they receive from you.

If you know you type the same email over and over again create an automation that is set to go out every time someone fills in your contact form or sends an email with a certain subject line.


The five-star treatment should happen regardless of how busy you are or whether you’re out ‘working a wedding’.

Booking Procedure

Forget about paper contracts they’re a thing of the past. Get into the 21st century and invest in a digital contract.

Better still use an online wedding planning system that does it all for you. We recommend Aisle Planner and all Wedding Academy students get a 10% discount and 3-month student license.

This part should be seamless. No excuses.

Once they tell you they’re hiring you get the contract out along with all the information they could possibly need.

Tell them when the deposit and subsequent payments are expected.

Let them know your office hours and what will happen from here.

Don’t leave them in any doubt about their wise choice in booking you.

The Client Journey

This is when your client experience should go into overdrive and on steroids. Time to sit down and map out all the touchpoints in your client’s journey.

  • Do you have an onboarding process?
  • When are your check-in points with them?
  • Have you set up your automated emails?
  • Do you have any wedding related gifts to send them?
  • What personal touch points are included?

When I was a wedding planner, I mapped out the entire client experience from the moment they booked their first consultation to when they had their first wedding anniversary.

I knew when their birthdays were, if they had any pets or children, which was their favourite coffee chain, their guilty pleasure – from doughnuts to wine.

Anything that allowed me to create something personal for my clients was drafted into my client experience.

If you’re a wedding planner you could send them a personalised wedding planning toolkit.

If you’re a cake maker, why not send them a sample box of mini cakes to enjoy?

As a stationer could you send them a personalised box of stationery goodies?

There are so many different opportunities you have to make this journey one that is completely unique to you and your brand.

After the Wedding

The wedding might be over but your client’s journey with you shouldn’t be. This is where you need to put on your marketing hat.

Your clients are the potential source of lots of new business. Most will have friends getting married and you want to be top of mind.

Share their wedding pics on social media and remember to tag them in. Use their hashtag if they have one and tag in all the suppliers as well.

Send them a handwritten thank you note letting them know how much you loved working with them and what wonderful clients they were.

Remember their first wedding anniversary and diarise the date straight away so you don’t forget.

Above and beyond all else show them that you care.

Creating an unbelievable client experience takes work but if you take the time to get it right this is one of the magic ingredients that will help your wedding business to be successful.