Client Onboarding Template

A Client Onboarding Pack is such a big part of your overall client experience.

If you’d like to know more about the client experience for wedding pros I wrote a full blog post ‘How to Create a Client Experience that gets Bookings‘ so take a read of that.

Today I’m focusing on one element which is your Client Onboarding Pack.

Why is this so important?

Because it sets the tone for the relationship you’ll have with your couple and gives you a chance to really surprise and delight.

You’ve worked hard to get your client to the point where they’ve signed on the dotted line and paid you a deposit but it doesn’t stop there.

This is your chance to under promise and over deliver.

No 1 – How Things Work

This is just as important for you as it is for your client. Outlining the next steps including office hours, methods of communication, payment schedule and any office policies establishes the basis from which you’re going to work together. It also sets expectations and saves you from those 10pm phone calls.

No 2 – Thank You Card

My suggestion would be that you make this a handwritten card. And if your handwriting is appalling then consider using a service like Scribeless. I love them and they integrate with so many systems you can even automate the process.

That aside though a thoughtful handwritten card thanking them for trusting you with their wedding goes a long way in ‘surprising and delighting‘ your couple.

No 3 – Personalised Timeline

As I mentioned above this is your opportunity to continue to build on the client experience you’ve already started. Including a personalised timelines that covers everything you feel is important for them to focus on for the 12+ months leading up to their big day and a few key things to do once it ends. Make it something that gets them feeling excited and ready to get started with you!

Now there are other things I recommend including in your client onboarding pack such as a social media card that details alll the ways they can tag you and connect with you on social.

If you use Aisle Planner then a section that explains how to use plus other things such as a copy of the contract and a summary of the services they’ve booked with you.

Having a standard template for your client onboarding that you can customise for each couple you work with will save you so much time and effort.

That being the case I’ve taken the hard work out of it for you and created a fully customisable, 11 page, Canva template that you can use as your own in your business. The Client Onboarding Template >>>

Simply add your own branding, customise any of the copy and you’re all set.