Clubhouse for Wedding Pros – to play or not to play?

So you’d have to have been living under a rock to not have heard of the latest social media platform, Clubhouse.

Everyone seems to be talking about it right now. They’re asking how they can get an invite and of course asking the big question of is it really worth it?

At the end of the day none of us want to add yet another social media platform to our ever-growing list. Our time is precious and anything we do needs to contribute to generating income and bringing us a ROI of our time and effort.

Remember time is money and it’s so easy to get sucked into things that don’t bring any value to your business.

What is Clubhouse?

Quite simply Clubhouse is a voice audio only platform. Unlike other platforms there’s no images, other than your profile image, no messaging, walls, posts, comments or recordings. It’s like podcasting in real time where people can join you from all around the world. It’s completely live and can’t be recorded as that’s against App’s policies.

What makes Clubhouse different?

Easy, it’s voice only. No expensive equipment required. No hair and make-up to be done. And you have the choice to be active or passive.

Quite simply you can broadcast in your PJs. Or listen in from the snuggliness of your bed. You can put your hand up to join the virtual stage from the garden drinking a coffee, or whatever your place of choice is.

But for me one of the biggest differences is the networking capabilities.

Imagine being able to talk live to one of your favourite wedding pros, influencers or educators.

It’s not unheard of for some of the world’s biggest marketers and business gurus to pop into a room and give advice to someone just starting out in their business. Where else would you be able to do this without paying thousands for the experience?

How do you join?

Well right now, as of writing this post, the App is in Beta mode and is only available for those with an iPhone. Currently it isn’t available on Android.

You also need to receive an invite from someone who is in the contacts in your phone with a number saved with the country code.

Don’t panic if you don’t know anyone with spare invites the App will be going public very soon. They aren’t intending for it to be exclusive this is simply the testing phase. In the meantime reserve your username and get on the Waitlist ASAP.

Once you’ve reserved your name any of your friends already using Clubhouse may get notified that you’re now on the waitlist. This sometimes gives them the opportunity to wave you through even if they don’t have any spare invites.

After I joined I got given four invites almost straight away and then another 7.

BTW you can follow me @weddingceo

Getting Set Up on Clubhouse

OK so once you’re in it’s time to get yourself set up so you can start to join in the conversations.

  • Your Profile Pic – as always you want to be consistent with the picture you choose so it’s easily recognisable for people who might be searching for you. If you have a profile pic you use on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn then use the same one on Clubhouse.
  • Your Bio – the first three lines on your Clubhouse bio are the most important so make them count. This is the bit that shows as a preview when you’re in a room. There are no clickable links in bios but they are searchable. This being the case make sure you add relevant keywords such as London Wedding Planner. You never know how many newly engaged couples might be on Clubhouse and searching.
  • Other Accounts – you can’t DM on Clubhouse but you can connect your Instagram and Twitter, currently the only two available.  Once people connect with you on this platform they’ll soon connect on other platforms too.

Clubhouse Profile

Understand the Clubhouse Lingo

As with all new platforms there is new lingo to learn but luckily for us it isn’t complicated and is easy to follow:

  • Hallway – this is the first thing you see when you open the App. It will show you all the current rooms you might be interested in which have been curated for you based on your contacts and interests you picked. You’ll also see the menu across the top and a button to start your own room.
  • Explore – the place to discover people outside of your contacts and Clubs.
  • Rooms – this is the heart of the App and where all the fabulous conversations take place. Rooms can be scheduled ahead of time, done completely on the fly or set as a recurring event. The topic for each room is set by the Moderator of the room.
  • Moderator – this is the person who starts the room. Essentially they’re the ones in charge of the room and will guide the conversation. The have the ability to bring speakers to the stage as well as the power to mute and remove.
  • Stage – this is the top half of the room with a line that separates the speakers from the rest of the room, the listeners or audience. It’s the Clubhouse virtual stage.
  • Speaker – as you’d imagine these are the people with the ability to talk. By default the moderator can speak with everyone else joining as listeners until permission is given for a speaker to join the stage.
  • Listeners – as you would imagine this is the audience, the people listening along. By default when you enter a room you’re a listener and on mute until you’re brought to the stage by the Moderator.
  • Room Options – there are a few things you can do once you’re in a room and the first is that you can leave. And the best bit is that you can leave quietly. There’s no big song and dance and you don’t have to ask permission to leave or tell people you’re leaving. You can also use the + button to ping one of your followers into the room. And of course, you can raise your hand ???? to let the Moderator know you’d like to come up onto the virtual stage and speak.
  • Room Privacy Options – when you create a room you can make it Open so anyone in Clubhouse can find it and join, which is good if you’re looking to build a network. But you can also set it to Social where only the people you follow can join. Alternatively you can make it completely Private where only people you hand pick can join.

How can Clubhouse help me book more weddings?

Quite simply it can position you as the solution, the go to expert and the person giving value for couples.

So how might that look. Well, if I was a wedding planner, for example, I’d look at creating a room with some of my vendor team. I might start with a photographer, floral designer and a caterer and host a recurring room on answering your wedding planning questions.

Alternatively, you might host a room on your own on a specific topic. As a wedding planner I might start a room on creating a wedding budget or putting together a timeline. As a stylist perhaps you could talk about choosing a colour palette or pulling together the aesthetics.

If you’re a venue owner you might host a room about what to look for when choosing a wedding venue, things to remember to ask before booking etc.

As a photographer you could talk them throught the importance of lighting, must have shots, how to relax and look more natural on camera.

I’d invite all my booked couples and open it up to perspective couples as well and talk about what I know best – weddings.

This is all about giving value and building authority, just like with any other social media platform.

Really the ideas are endless, but this is a great opportunity to get in front of new people you’d never find normally.

What do I love about Clubhouse?

I think for me it’s about the ability to network and learn. The value that’s being given in some of these rooms is huge. Now obviously, the fact you can’t record and that rooms disappear once they’re done means you’ll need to take notes. But I’ve listened in on some amazing topics and already learnt so much just by doing this.

I also love the fact I don’t have to put hours into preparing content, scheduling, thinking about hashtags and posting all the time. It’s refreshing to be away from all that and be much more on the fly.

You can simply pop into a room and sit there quietly and listen or put you hand up to by brought onto the virtual stage to speak. It’s entirely up to you how active or passive you want to be.

How easy is it to get started?

Ultimately though I love the fact I don’t have to show my face. The entry barrier for Clubhouse is low which makes it easier. You can dip in and out at will. Although I would say be careful because it can very quickly suck up your time and before you know it 2 hours have disappeared.

I also love the low sell vibe on the platform. Unlike in Facebook Groups where you have to work hard to keep people engaged Clubhouse is the opposite. You can literally start a room and people will join.

Now whether it will stay like that or not once it opens up and comes out of beta who knows. But right now I love how little work has to go into this for big rewards.

Below are some helpful links I discovered when I was first getting started on Clubhouse:

Remember to promote

Just like you would with anything else you do in your business you need to remember to promote. Let people know you’re on Clubhouse, when you’ll be hosting a room and what the topic is.

In my first Clubhouse experience as a  co-host I was invited by my industry friend and colleague, Bernadette of the UKAWP, and our topic was about not discounting your services. Bernadette did a great job of promoting it both before and after the event.

We’re now looking at being regular co-hosts together with our own club. We might be competitors but together we’re stronger and can leverage off each other’s audience.

Promote Clubhouse for Wedding Pros