Have you ever wondered how to create a sales funnel? Do you know what a sales funnel is? Well hold on tight as you’re about to go on the journey of the sales funnel as it pertains to your wedding business.

In a previous post I’ve talked to you about Lead Magnets and how important they are in whole nurturing process for building the know, like, trust factor. I gave you some ideas for 5 Irresistible Lead Magnets for Your Ideal Couple.

If you need a quick refresher a lead magnet is something of value you offer your potential client for free. It should solve a problem or challenge they face in the planning of their wedding.

And it can be anything from a series of ‘how to videos’ to an easy to use checklist.

The key with any lead magnet is that it’s not about you it’s about them.

Always ask the question, what’s in it for them? What will they get out of this freebie?

Remember, now is not the time to force your product or service down their throat. Instead it’s a time to give value.

Today we’re going to look at what happens once someone signs up for your lead magnet. What do they receive and how does it all work? Where do they go?

This is where your Sales Funnel comes in.

Not a sexy sounding phrase I know. But trust me when I say it’s powerful. Or it can be when you know what to do with it.

There’s nothing complicated, technical or difficult in understanding your sales funnel. In fact, you probably already have one in some shape or form.

Quite simply a Sales Funnel is a journey your ideal couple go on when they enter your world.

From the minute they give you their name and email address they go into your Sales Funnel. They receive a series of emails that are all leading them towards one thing, two buy from you or book you.

But the key to converting more bookings or sales is understanding how your Sales Funnel works, evaluating the process and making it more effective.

What are the stages of a Sales Funnel?

There are four main stages to the Sales Funnel:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

At the very top of your funnel your couples are in the awareness phase. This is where they’ve just come across you, probably your competitors as well, and they’re doing their research.

But let’s take it back a step for a minute…

How did they get to be in the Awareness Stage?

In other words, how did they find you in the first place?

The first stage in getting clients is finding them and connecting with them. So it’s really important to understand who they are and how they found you.

There are numerous ways this could happen and most likely they’ll find you online. Maybe they found you on social, or possibly through a Google search. Maybe you had a great real wedding featured on a blog, or even a styled shoot? It might even have been a referral from a vendor partner.

Wherever they came from you want to know. You want to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not. And this is where Google Analytics comes in. Make sure it’s installed on your site and pay attention to what it’s telling you.

The Interest Phase

This is important because it’s your chance to really shine. If I think of this as a dating analogy it’s the wooing phase. They’ve seen you online and they’ve swiped right on your profile and shown they’re aware of you. Now you’ve got to keep them interested.

Don’t be too forward but give them enough to whet their appetite leaving them wanting more.

The Desire Phase

In the desire phase you’ve moved from casually dating to exclusive. They start to want you and nobody else. This is the sweet spot of the Sales Funnel but it’s not a foregone conclusion. You still have to work for it. We not at the sweatpants stage just yet.

The Action Stage

Finally, we have the stage you’ve been working towards, the action stage. This is where you’ve got a commitment from them. It’s not marriage but it’s a definite commitment.

Now what you have to remember is that one lead magnet on its own isn’t going to take them from Awareness stage straight to Action stage. Neither is one social media post, one video or one advert they’ve seen. It’s going to take more than that.

They need nurturing.

Now this sounds like hard work but it’s not. This is where the automation side of it comes in. And whilst there’s some definite work involved in setting it up once it’s done it’s working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

So how does it work?

Well, remember that lead magnet we talked about? That thing of value that solves a problem for your ideal couple. There has to be a way for your ideal client to ‘sign up’ for your freebie. A way for them to give you their name and email address.

Usually, this will be a page on your website called a landing page. Normally, they’ll be a form embedded onto the page that captures that info. Once they’ve entered their information they’re taken to a Thank You Page. This will usually have instructions on how to download or get their freebie and possibly another CTA.

What we’re interested in is what happens behind the scenes with that form. Where has their information gone and what happens from there?

This is where you’ll need a CRM for managing your emails and transferring information from the form to somewhere you can actually use it. There’s many on the market and our top pick would be Flo Desk for creatives, although we’ve also used Constant Contact and currently use Active Campaign.

Once you have your CRM connected to your website you can set it so it will automatically pull the information from the form into the CRM. The steps would look something like this:

  1. Your CRM imports the information from the form into a mailing list for that specific lead magnet
  2. The form will also add a tag to your contact which in turn triggers something called an automation
  3. Once in the automation the lead will receive an immediate automated email which deliver the lead magnet
  4. Once the lead magnet has been delivered the lead will then enter a drip campaign where they receive a series of nurture emails set to go out at specific intervals.

The Automated Email Sequence

Now we’ve set up an automated email sequence, or drip campaign. This is where the autopilot part comes in.

When your ideal couple enter your funnel they’re likely to be in the Awareness stage right at the top of the funnel. As we said earlier, they’ll be loking for information on your particular niche area in the wedding industry. They’ll be on the lookout for helpful information that’s going to move them forward. This is where your emails come in.

Just delivering them a freebie isn’t going to take them from Awareness to Action. You have to nurture them and build that all important know, like, trust factor.

The lead you’ve attracted with your magnet is most likely in the Awareness stage of the funnel. They’re browsing around right now looking for more information.

Bestselling author Bob Burg says;

All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.”

This is so true. Your couple need to build up their faith in you, your abilities, your knowledge and of course your personality. The know, like, trust factor completely mirrors the journey of Awareness to Interest to Desire.

Someone’s Inbox is a very personal place to be. It’s the place you can have more intimate conversations. Where you can really talk to your ideal client. This is where the power of email comes in.

The Email Content

I want you to sit down and think about the content you can produce for around 5-6 emails. These emails will be part of the drip campaign automation I mentioned earlier. They’ll take your ideal client through the 4 steps of the Sales Funnel.

Once you’ve written them anyone who signs up for your freebie will go through this series of emails automatically. You only have to do the hard work once.

But what should these emails be about?

These emails need to very real, authentic and raw. Tell them about the ‘why’ behind what you do. Remember, as Simon Sinek famously said:

People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.

Share the reasons why you love your specific niche and how you’re connected to it.

Don’t say I love planning wedding because I love to see people’s dreams come true or the expression on their face on the wedding day. Every other wedding planner says the same thing.

Dig deep. Go as deep as you can. Connect on an emotional level. I tell people the story about how as a little girl I used to use my Mum’s net curtains as a veil and play weddings with my dolls. I also tell them about how I used to set the table for all the dinner parties my Mum had when I was growing up. I’d spend hours pulling out the china, folding the napkins, picking flowers from the garden and making the room look amazing. Weddings are in my blood.

Don’t be like every other wedding pro out there, be you. Tell them your story. Connect with them.

As they move into the Interest stage dial things up a notch. Talk about a client you loved working with and how you emotionally connected. Tell a personal story you know they’ll relate to.

Ultimately, this is the time to be uniquely you. Remember the attract and repel method. This is when you want to attract the people that are your ideal couples and repel the ones that aren’t. Don’t worry about turning people off because you will. You want to turn off the people that don’t get you and aren’t part of your tribe.

For all the people you repel you’ll attract more of the right ones, the ones you want to work with.

So we’ve been through the ‘getting to know you stage’, we’ve got them to ‘like you’ and now we move into the Desire stage where we need them to ‘trust’ you.

You need to showcase your expertise and knowledge and your level of professionalism. This is the perfect time to share social proof, testimonials or reviews. They need to know that by hiring you or buying your product they’re not throwing their money away.


Show them how their trust in you is warranted. Paint the picture of their wedding that has you as part of it. Show them how you’re a non-negotiable part of the day.

As we enter this final part of the Sales Funnel, the Action stage, they should be ready to take that next step. For some that might be booking a consultation, it might be inputting their credit card details on your site, or it might be visiting their showroom. There are numerous options.

But now is the time to be brave and ask for what it is you want them to do. They aren’t mind readers and they don’t know what you want them to do next, so you have to tell them.

  • Ask for that consultation
  • Give them a reason to hit ‘Buy Now’
  • Invite them to view the linens in your showroom

For me, this is where I ask my ideal clients to get on a call with one of our mentors to talk about their career options and how the Wedding Academy can help them.

Your CTA will be unique to you but you need to put it out there if you want someone to act.

If you want some ideas I shared the titles of the 6 emails in my nurture campaign and I listed them in this blog post, How to Grow Your Wedding Business with Email Marketing.