Do you know how to find your wedding ideal client?

The question I hear the most is “How can I find clients for my wedding business?”

Now whilst this is a great question its not an easy one to answer in just one sentence because it depends on so many things.

To ask that question is a bit like putting the cart before the horse. Before you can even think about getting wedding clients you need to know who your ideal wedding client actually is.

Who is your ideal wedding client?

And I don’t mean just a vague notion of who they are. I mean knowing them really well, intimately even.

You want to know everything about them from the restaurants they eat at to the language they use in their text messages.

Once you know this piece of marketing gold it’s like finding the holy grail. The magic sauce that makes every recipe taste fantastic.

It will turn your blog, website and social media copy from average to amazing.

It’s the one thing that will fill up your wedding diary and help you to turn a profit in your business.

So what exactly is your ideal wedding client?

Well in marketing terms it’s the wedding couple who’s exact requirements are met through your product or service, aka your offer.

Not only that, it’s the couple that you really want to work with. The ones you target with all your marketing copy and messaging.

They value your opinion, love your work or your products and see you as the expert you are.

But before you even do that you need to really know and understand what it is you do best and what makes you uniquely you.

What is it you have that will entice a particular type of wedding couple to work with you?

You can’t just say, “I’m a wedding planner.

You have to be specific, targeted and above all else niche right down so you can start to attract those couples that will get you, fall in love with you and want to work with you.

Find your niche

You can’t leave any margin for error. And don’t panic. Niching down is good.

Yes it will mean that fewer people will be attracted to what you offer but that is actually a good thing, not a bad thing.

You don’t want to waste your time with people that were never your clients in the first place.

It’s exhausting. You start to doubt yourself because nobody is buying what you’re selling and your confidence takes a beating.

Have you ever heard that saying, ’Talk to everyone and you’ll sell to no one?’

That saying hits the nail on the head because you really can’t sell to everyone.

Everyone is not your client.

That said, why not try this on for size. “I’m a London wedding planner who works with contemporary couples looking to disrupt the wedding status quo and do things their way.”

Right off the bat I’ve told them I’m based in London, which means those not getting married in London aren’t going to waste their time.

I’ve also let them know my style is contemporary and I like to work with couples that are prepared to take a risk. This really rules out the more traditional couples and should attract more of the rule breakers.

Do your research

You have to do your research and see what your competitors are doing as well. You can’t leave it to chance and this is an important part of the puzzle.

I don’t mean that you want to copy them, definitely not, but you want to know what you’re up against and how you can do it differently.

Plus, it will help you identify if there are any gaps in your local area and the industry and identify where you could be a trailblazer.

Being the same as everyone else out there isn’t going to get you noticed. You don’t want to be the same as every other wedding planner or stylist out there.

And competing on price is out of bounds.

It devalues you and it devalues the industry. If you do this all you’ll get is the price shoppers and money hagglers who won’t appreciate your level of expertise and will push you to discount at every turn.

My business coach taught me a saying that haunts me to this day, “The riches are in the niches”.

Honestly this couldn’t be truer. The more you niche down the clearer your message will be and by default you’ll appeal to those people that are truly your clients.

What do you want to be known for?

I find that it helps to think about it in terms of what you want to be known for. Most successful entrepreneurs are known for something and have themes that dictate their business decisions, their copy, any videos they do etc.

They refer back to these themes on a daily basis and if what they’re about to do doesn’t fit in with one of those themes then they ditch it.

Why? Because it’s about having a clearly defined message that isn’t diluted in any way.

Niche down as far as you can

We all have that issue of shiny new idea syndrome and it’s so easy to get distracted with all the things available to us. So we want to make it easy for people. Make it a no brainer to choose you, your products or your services.

By niching down and having a clearly defined and targeted message that can be applied to all parts of your business makes your ideal client feel like you’re actually inside their head.

You get them. Every. Single. Piece of them.

That’s where the marketing magic happens. And I’ve seen it happen with many of my clients. It’s such a wonderful thing to see when all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Have you ever read something where as you’re reading you literally want to fist pump because the writer has completely understood the problem you currently have?

It’s an amazing feeling and it’s this feeling you want your ideal client to have when they find you.

I’ve been through this process a few times because my ideal client has changed as my business has changed and grown, and that is absolutely fine.

What you start with now won’t necessarily be what you have in two years time.

As you find your feet and really establish who you are in the industry you’ll refine even further.

You’ll develop who you are, what you represent and how that translates itself to your client.