How to Use Black Friday to Boost Your Wedding Business in 2020

Are you looking for ideas on how to boost your wedding business after the season that never was?

Black Friday is without a doubt one of the biggest shopping days of the year now. What started as a predominantly US based idea has now spread globally.

It’s the same time every year, the day after Thanksgiving in America and the last Friday in November. So this year that’s the 27th.

Along with Cyber Monday these two days beat the Boxing Day Sales hands down.

For many this is when they get the majority of their Xmas shopping done as they know they can ‘bag a deal.’

The best bit is that the rule book is thrown out the window when it comes to Black Friday. Anything goes from a marketing perspective.

It’s about using and creating SCARCITY to boost your wedding business. A term used by Robert Chialdini in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

We’ve all heard the term FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and Black Friday sends this into overdrive. It’s FOMO on steroids.

For the last four years Black Friday weekend has been my best sales period for the Wedding Academy. It has beaten every other marketing strategy throughout the year hands down.

Why is Black Friday such a great opportunity?

Well there’s a couple of reasons and one of them is mindset. People are in the mindset to buy during this period. No persuading required.

Those browsers and shop window gazers have been turned into eager and excited buyers. People looking for what you have to offer.

This in itself is huge. Because mindset plays a big role in every sale or booking.

Secondly, it’s about discounts. Who doesn’t want to get something cheaper now rather than waiting and paying full price?

It’s psychological. We all believe we’re getting a deal on Black Friday so we’re open to what’s put in front of us.

Now obviously, 2020 has been a year of ups and downs, huge challenges and big disappointment, especially for the wedding industry.

But for those creative minds amongst us, those willing to think outside the box, this is an opportunity to boost your wedding business.

What will Black Friday look like in 2020?

Black Friday this year won’t see people flocking to the shops and queuing from 4am to get the best deals in store.

Many of us will be on lockdown, I know I will be in France, and many others have strict policies and guidelines to adhere too.

Why is that important? Well it means Black Friday will be happening almost 99% online rather than offline.

Traditionally, Cyber Monday has been the online equivalent to Black Friday. Now with the pandemic the lines are blurred.

This huge shopping event is going to be a purely online experience.

This equals MASSIVE opportunity for you as a wedding pro if you can think of a way to make it work.

People are checking their emails 7 times more than normal during this period. They’re looking for a deal.

Now don’t get me wrong this will take planning. But let’s be honest you all have the time you need because you’re not out there doing the weddings.

Spend this time wisely and capitalise on this time and try to recoup some of what you lost during the wedding season.

My Black Friday offer is already set up and ready to go. We put our plan together in October and decided on our marketing strategies way ahead of time.

I’ve created a special Black Friday landing page for people to sign up ahead of time for VIP access to all the discounts I’ll be offering on my Wedding CEO Products.

Black Friday Landing Page Example

Scouts Motto – Be Prepared

I’m leaving nothing to chance because the competition is high.

As much as this is a fantastic time to ‘have a sale’ and ‘make some money’ it’s also a difficult time to stand out from the crowd.

This is where pre-planning comes in. And it’s why I have my campaigns already set up and ready to go.

I’ve researched the products I know people want and chosen my offer based on this research.

We’ll take a look at some of the strategies you can use to get your offer seen by your ideal client in a minute. First though let’s talk about some ideas you might use for your Black Friday offer as a wedding pro.

How do I put together a Black Friday package?

First of all, one of the keys to success is to create something people can’t get normally. A package that you’ve created especially or a new product only available for this time period. It creates need and intrigue.

It’s not always about the discount either. Sometimes it’s about the value add. What else can you offer people on top of the standard product, service or package you offer?

And remember, you’re not marketing to your current couples who are battle worn and weary and all weddinged out. So many of them have postponed their weddings once, twice, possibly going for three times that they have wedding fatigue.

You’re going to capitalise on the excitement of those couples looking to get married in 2022. What can you give them right now? How can you be the stepping stone between now and their wedding?

Instead of looking for clients who want to book you for your full packages and services try pivoting and focusing on those who just want a little bit of help.

Some ideas on what to offer

As a wedding stylist could you offer them a virtual design consultation over Zoom to help them nail their wedding style. This is something you could charge for and then create a design board you send them after the consultation.

What about 3D Rendering? Using a tool like 3D Event Designer you could offer to ‘bring their wedding to life’ by creating a 3D Design of their wedding.

As a cake designer could you put together a special Black Friday cake tasting box along with a helpful ‘choosing your cake guide’.

As a venue that has accommodation could you offer them the bridal suite for free with all weddings booked for 2022.

As a wedding planner could you create a ‘Virtual 1-on-1 Wedding Planning Session’ to help you plan your wedding like a pro without the stress. They get access to a wedding planner and you charge for the consultation without leaving your house.

Or perhaps an ‘SOS Session for the DIY Bride’ where together you create a set of action steps that take away the wedding overwhelm.

And what about a special ‘live stream option’ that you include with all Black Friday packages? You could look at partnering with a streaming service like LoveStream.

As a photographer here’s something different. Could you go back to all your past clients from the last couple of years and offer them discounted prints? Or any kind of upsell from what they purchased previously, with a discount of course? Could you look at adding in a physical album for all packages booked during this promotion?

Finally, could you look at a join promo between you and your vendor team. Maybe a Micro Wedding Package that includes the design, planning, photographs, flowers, cakes and stationery?

What if I don’t have a product or service to sell yet?

If you don’t have an offer you want to put out there then use this as an opportunity to build your email list. Your offer could be free.

If you have a valuable freebie or lead magnet to put out there re-package it as Black Friday freebie. A simple tweak to the marketing message turns your freebie into a product that people see differently, even though they’re still getting it for free.

Alternatively, do you have a strategy you could sell? Could you create some videos on your process along with some handy cheat sheets and then sell this at a knockdown price?

So an example would be as a wedding planner you might create a video on creating a budget for your wedding and then give them the wedding budget template and sell this for $37.

So yes, this is a very cheap product but when you sell a few of these they soon add up. They can also become a product you sell all year round on Pinterest.

It’s about taking the knowledge you have and turning it into a valuable product.

When should I start talking about it?

Whatever your package or product is start talking about it now. Don’t leave it till Black Friday. If you’re going to offer a virtual wedding planning session, then write a blog post about how a virtual wedding planner can help you navigate these difficult times etc.

If you’re offering a virtual wedding design service then talk about the benefits. Talk about how it’s a great way to take all their Pinterest ideas and make sense of them. How it will help to put together a blueprint they can use with their design vendors when the time comes. In just 60 minutes their wedding will start to come to life.

For the DIY Bride it’s all about their wedding their way with some action steps from a professional planner to help them move forward.

You get the drift.

When and how do I promote my offer?

From everything I’ve read about Black Friday this year it’s going to start earlier than normal. Business owners are looking to recoup losses from the pandemic and see Black Friday as their opportunity to do that.

At the Wedding Academy we’ll be starting our campaign on Sunday November 22nd and running it through to Cyber Monday. Now there’s a few reasons for doing this.

  1. People get paid at the end of the month so having it run till midnight on November 30th helps with affordability.
  2. EVERYONE will be running a Black Friday Campaign. By starting early it helps us to stand out from the crowd.
  3. We can have different promos running throughout those 8 days.

Use Your Email List

It all starts with your Email list. You absolutely need to prime your audience for this. Like I said earlier, I’m starting early with my email list and encouraging people to register to be told about the deals. People who do register will go onto my priority email list and will receive early notice and access to the deals and discounts 24 hours earlier than everyone else.

Be careful with your subject lines. At this time of year things can easily end up in the Junk File. Do a mining of your own Inbox and search for the term Black Friday and see what subject lines hit your Inbox last year. Did any of the resonate? Did they make you look? Could you manipulate those for your offer?

Social Media

Use your social media platforms to promote it as much as possible. Things like Stories and Reels will work well for this. Essentially though it’s something you need to talk about ALL THE TIME.

Don’t forget about Hashtags

If you want to get found on social media then start using those Black Friday Hashtags. Tags like #blackfriday #cybermonday #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals #weddingdeals #blackfridaywedding

What about SMS?

We’ll absolutely be using our SMS platform ClickSend to send out SMS messages about our Black Friday offers. We won’t overdo this but we know this is a great platform for reaching people quickly. Now obviously, people need to have opted in for this but again this is a great reason to have a ‘Sign Up Here for Black Friday Deals’ CTA on your website. Or even as a landing page like I have. That way you can collect phone numbers and email addresses of keen leads.

Run some Ads

I won’t lie here running Facebook or Instagram Ads at this time is more expensive than other times of year. However, if you’re clever and get your ad up running earlier and market before the 27th then you can still get a great return on your investment.

And if nothing else, you get more eyeballs on you and your product.

Blog Advertising

This would absolutely be the time to take out an advert on one of the wedding blogs you know attracts your ideal client. A big Black Friday advert on your target blog would be a great way to get exposure and be in front of the right audience at the right time.

Pop Ups

We will be using Pop Ups on our website as people leave to remind them about our Black Friday Sale. But we’ll also be using intention pop-ups timed just right on certain pages to capture people’s attention. An easy to use Pop Up platform is Hello Bar and this is one we use ourselves.

Countdown Timers

Like I said earlier it’s all about FOMO and creating a sense of urgency. Add a countdown timer to your website as a banner that tells people when your Black Friday campaign ends. You can use Deadline Funnel for this, which is what we use for both the Wedding Academy and here on Wedding CEO.

Another great trick is to use a countdown time in your emails. Again, there’s a great piece of software to help with this too called Countdown Mail. It’s easy to use. You create your timer and then use the HTML code to pop into your email.

So there you have it. My breakdown of ‘How to Use Black Friday to Boost Your Wedding Business in 2020’. I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to share your Black Friday ideas in my Facebook Group so we can all learn from each other.

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