Instagram insights are the key to your success on Instagram. You’ll have heard me say this many times before but if you don’t measure you can’t improve.

Data is king and helps you to understand what your audience do, how they respond to things you say, who they are and what’s resonating with them.

Why would you want to leave your Instagram marketing to chance?

Analytics and insights help you to measure your impact. They tell you if you need to tweak or do things a little differently.

If you’ve ever asked yourself about whether you should be posting at a certain time of day then your analytics will give you the answer.

First things first, you need to have a business account in order to use Instagram Insights. Then it’s time to click on the hamburger menu in the top right-hand corner and click on Insights.

Instagram Insights for your Wedding Business

What you’ll see now is the Recent Highlights area which gives you some basic information about accounts following and interacting with your profile.

Your Instagram Insights

Recent Highlights

So let’s take these one at a time. First up is your reach. If you click on this, you’ll see exactly how many accounts you’ve reached during a given period of either 7 or 30 days. You can choose which you want to measure from the dropdown in the top left-hand corner. What I’m interested in here is the amount of website taps I’ve generated. Remember, I’m always telling you, get people off Instagram and onto your email list. You own your email list you don’t own Instagram.

Then we want to look at your top performing posts, Stories and IGTV if you have any. This is very telling and you should absolutely be studying these. You want to be doing more of what works and less of what isn’t. Think about how long you spend creating posts, Stories and videos. You want them to work for you. But you don’t know if they work unless you read the analytics and find out.

Content Interactions

Now I want you to go back to your Recent Highlights and then click on Content Interactions and choose 30 days. Below you’ll see our interactions and it makes for an interesting read.

Instagram Insights for Wedding pros

Both our Post and Story interactions are down substantially in November compared to October.


I know why. It’s because Instagram started rolling out there new Guides feature in November. And true to form, whenever they roll out a new feature it affects all the normal places where we do well. I’ve seen out Story engagement drop right off and the analytics are telling me it’s directly related to Guides being released.

Follower Breakdown

Ok so back to your Recent Highlights and let’s check out your followers. This one tells a good story too.

Click on Follower Breakdown and the first thing you’ll see is your Growth. You might be surprised by the number of Unfollows you get in a given period. For example, as you can see below in the last 30 days I had 325 new Followers but I also got 262 Unfollows. This is quite normal but it’s something to be aware of.

And remember, the more you engage on other people’s profiles the most they’re likely to engage back and continue to follower you.

Instagram Follower Growth

As you move down you’ll see your top locations broken down by City and Country.

Also, the age range of your follows, their gender and their most active times on the platform. All this information is so helpful because it allows you to be more strategic when posting. You can make informed decisions rather than just guessing.

For example, I know some of my best times to post are over the weekend because that’s when my followers are more engaged with what I’m posting, especially my Stories.

Individual Posts

To see how an individual post is performing all you need to do is go to the post itself and you’ll see the text View Insights just under the image on the left-hand side. Again this is so useful for understanding the posts that are really resonating with your audience.

You’ll also see how many accounts were reached via the hashtags you used. Unfortunately, Instagram don’t provide any further hashtag analytics and you really need to be using a scheduling tool such as Tailwind to get in-depth insights into which hashtags are performing.

There really is no excuse for not looking at your insights. This is something that can really help you to post relevant and timely content that gets your audience engaging with you.

Put all that hard work to good use and make your posts work hard for you.