Today I had the great pleasure to have an open and honest conversation with Bron Hansboro, the Flower Guy Bron

You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know about the events of the last couple of weeks and the effect George Floyd’s death has had around the world.

It’s highlighted so many things that needed highlighting and I know it’s certainly caused many of us to do a lot of reading, educating and reflecting.

My job as a wedding industry educator is to lead the industry by providing the right education. And this has always been the driver behind everything I do.

I never like to talk about anything I don’t understand or have a reasonable knowledge of.

And this is why I wanted to chat with Bron.

I can’t pretend to understand or claim to know how people feel as I’ve never been the victim of any type of discrimination.

But what I can do is educate both myself and those in the wedding industry who need it.

We talked about the words ‘diversity‘ and ‘inclusivity‘ and the difference between them.

Having a diverse platform and actually making those people on the platform feel comfortable and included is very different.

We’re facing a very big danger of people making a token gesture and getting caught up in the emotion of what’s happening right now.

But what happens when the publicity starts to die down.

How can wedding pros avoid tokenism when striving for diversity?

For a lot of people there’s confusion around what they should be doing. How should they be holding themselves accountable?

And not just themselves but their vendor partners as well. How can they take meaningful steps to be more racially diverse?

Bron answered these questions beautifully with a passion and heart that is not often heard.

This is not a conversation that ends in a weeks time. This is an ongoing movement of an inclusive community.

Enjoy the first in a series of educational interviews on how the wedding industry can be more inclusive on an ongoing basis.