How to Repurpose Your Blog Content

Are you guilty of creating a piece of content and only sharing it once with your audience? And possibly only on one platform?

You’d be amazed how many wedding pros I know who do exactly that. They spend hours and hours creating an amazing blog post ,which they’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears into, and then only ever promote it once.

What’s worse is that when they do share it they almost apologise for talking about it. Even though it’s packed full of value.

It’s such a waste!

The other thing I hear regularly is about not having enough time. Lack of time to create content and share it consistently across multiple platforms.

Today I want to share with you 7 ways to repurpose your blog posts quickly and easily without creating more content.

It’s time to get off the content creating hamster wheel and make use of the posts you already have.

I’ve been blogging for the Wedding Academy as founder and CEO since 2009. I know. It’s INSANE isn’t it?

The interesting thing is that in amongst all those posts, and there’s well over 1200, there are some absolute gems. It’s worth noting that there’s some absolute crap too. Things that have no relevance in 2021 or are simply out of date.

But let’s focus on those gems I mentioned. Those posts are what I call my Evergreen Content. The content that doesn’t go out of date and is as relevant now as it was the day I wrote it.

Now as a Wedding Planner a piece of evergreen content might be ‘10 Questions To Ask When You Visit a Wedding Venue‘.

Or as a Wedding Photographer it might be ‘7 Must Have Shots for your Wedding Album‘ and as a Floral Designer ‘How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers.

These are quite generic but they aren’t going to go out style or out of date. They are evergreen pieces of content that can be promoted, reused and repurposed multiple times.

One thing you have to remember when it comes to content is you’ll always have new visitors to your blog, new followers on social media and more people finding you on Pinterest. That being the case you need to consistently promote your evergreen content. Once isn’t enough. I want you to share it over and over again.

Remember only a tiny percentage of your audience will see your posts.

Plus, anyone new in your world won’t know you originally published this content 6 months ago. They were’t following you then so the content is brand new to them.

Now I’m not saying reshare daily but what I am saying is that it’s ok to share old or evergreen posts every six to eight weeks.

And don’t forget, if you’ve been blogging for a long time, like I have, remember to give your old posts a spring clean. You’ll often find outdated links and things that need to be changed although the core content itself is still relevant.

I’ve recently breathed new life into ten very old Wedding Academy Blog Posts from over a decade ago. Took me around 3 hours to clean them up and make them 2021 ready. We blog once a week so that’s ten weeks worth of posts done and scheduled. BOOM!

So now we know what evergreen content is how can you repurpose it across multiple platforms?

Here comes my favourite bit. When I’ve worked my backside off creating valuable content I want to make sure it works hard for me across every platform I’m on. Here’s what I do:

No 1: Share via Email

Not everyone in your world will read your blog automatically. Just because you publish a new post doesn’t mean people will read it. You have to direct them and tell them what you want them to do.

Every post I write gets sent out via email to my subscribers. Not the entire post but a snippet. Something to whet their appetite.

And remember you’re aiming to get them over to your website to read your blog post so don’t give away the best bits. Leave them wanting more.

This also helps with your email deliverability. The more people that open your email and click on the links within them the more likely they are to be delivered.

Email deliverability is key as many emails end up in Junk, the Promotions Tab or never get delivered at all.

No 2: Share an Instagram Story

Stories have higher engagement than your feed so ALWAYS create a Story to let people know you’ve published a new post. Try also doing something fun like asking a question first or getting people to take part in a poll.

Recently on my Podcast Episode about passive income I did a quick poll on Stories asking people if they had a form of passive income in their business. I followed this up with a 15 second video story telling people to go listen to the episode.

Always remember to ask yourself the question what’s in it for them. What would my audience get from listening to my podcast episode? Five ways to incorporate passive income into their wedding business is what they got. It’s helpful, relevant and valuable.

No 3: Create Smaller Posts

Often when I write blog posts I use numbers. Just like this post is ‘7 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts‘.

Why? Because it gives me 7 easy things to post on social media.

Breaking your posts down into top tips is a great way of sharing your post in a different way. It’s still relevant and still drives traffic back to the full post. But you’ve only share done thing which leaves them wanting more.

No 4: Do a Facebook Live

Video is king. Period. So embrace it and do a Facebook Live talking about your post. Not everyone will go to your blog and read your post no matter what you do. Sometimes you have to appeal to people on the platform they prefer.

If you’ve already written a blog post you should find it easy to talk about the content.

No 5: Pin on Pinterest

Blog posts are Pinterest fodder.

A good blog post is like a fine wine – it gets better with age. Pinterest helps it to mature.

Pinterest will continually to drive traffic to your blog post so remember to create a variety of pins for each post you publish. I try to create a minimum of 5 pins per blog post. And more over time so I’m always keeping it top of Pinterest’s mind.

No 6: Turn it into a Lead Magnet

If you have a particularly juicy blog post take the content, pop it into Canva, make it look pretty and publish it as a PDF.

Then add it to your website as a lead magnet.

Some people prefer to read something they can download. They place more value on it. Plus, you’re getting people onto your email list when they sign up for your freebie.

You always want to build your email list. Remember, you don’t own those social media platforms but you do own your email list.

No 7: Record a Podcast

Remember I said we need to reach our audience on their platform of choice? Well many people now love to listen to a podcast as it’s so much more convenient. They can listen in the car or out on a run. It’s more accessible for many people.

There are some amazing podcasts out there for couples looking for help planning their wedding. You could be one of them.

BONUS TIP: What about Clubhouse?

More and more couples are finding places to network on this platform as it gains momentum. It might be worth spending some time on there and starting your own room using your blog content as the topic.

If you want to know more about using Clubhouse I wrote an entire blog post. Clubhouse for Wedding Pros – is it worth it >>>