Tools for your Wedding Business

Whatever stage you’re at in your wedding business you need the right tools to be effective.

You want your business to run like a well-oiled machine.

Take it from someone who has been in business for over 20 years having the right tools can quite literally save you hours of precious time every week…

Leaving you more time to do more of what you love -working on weddings.

The key is knowing which tools to use.

Well today I’m sharing five of my favourite tools that I wouldn’t be without in my business.

Tool No 1 – Sourced Co

Professionally shot and styled images make a world of difference when it comes to attracting potential clients, especially in an industry where there’s a heavy focus on aesthetics. Sourced Co have a fantastic collection of ‘done for you’ images that have been created specifically for teh wedding industry. We’ve partnered with them from the beginning and use their images ourselves. Each month you receive a fabulous collection of new images set to a theme that you can use on your website, social media, marketing and emails.

PLUS, we have a special 15% discount code you can use which makes the whole thing even sweeter. The code you need is AAWEP and that will take the discount off for you.


Tool No 2 – 3D Event Designer

3D Event Designer is 3D CAD-like software made simple. As wedding pros our clients often can’t visualise the amazing things we’ve dreamt up for them. They need to actually see it. And that’s the beauty of this tool. You don’t need to be a CAD whizz it’s as easy as drag and drop and hey presto you’ve created a full 3D rendered space that brings your ideas to life. It’s really that easy.

I’ve known the team at 3D Event Designer pretty much since they started and all my students at the Wedding Academy get a 3 month student license.

But you can also benefit. We have a 15% discount code for you. Just use weddings15 at the checkout.


Tool No 3 – Flodesk

For those of you who know me or have been around any of my training you’ll know that I’m all about email marketing and nurturing your ideal clients. Which is why I LOVE Flodesk. It’s an email marketing platform that actually makes things not only easy but aesthetically pleasing as well. This is the email marketing platform for those that want to send design led emails on a platform that doesn’t give you a headache and sending you running for the hills.

And of course, we get a rather fabulous 50% discount to give you to get you started. So there’s no excuses. Just by clicking on the link below Flodesk will apply the 50% and you’ll be all set.


Tool No 4 – Your Legall BFF

If Covid 19 has shown us anything it’s that having water tight contracts and terms & conditions is non-negotiable. We all hope we’ll never see anything like this pandemic again but that aside you should ALWAYS all your legal ducks in a row. Your Legal BFF™ was created by Annette Stepanian, a lawyer who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners with the legal side of running a business.

She specialises in the creative industries, spefically the wedding industry from floral designers and wedding planners to venues and photographers. It’s all there ready for you to use without the risk.


Tool No 5 – Interact

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? I used to love doing Cosmo quizzes when I was younger and I still enjoy partaking now. One of the best lead magnets I have at the Wedding Academy is our ‘Could you be a Wedding Planner’ quiz. Interact helps you design quizzes that convert clients quickly and easily.

There are so many quizzes you could create as we wedding pro. The quiz to find your wedding style, cake style, venue type etc. As I said it’s a great way to get new leads coming in through the door and Interact makes the whole thing easy.


Some of the links used in this blog post are affiliate links. When you purchase something, Wedding CEO receives a small compensation at no cost to you. This compensation helps to maintain the cost of creating helpful content, running my free training in the Facebook Group and creating episodes for Wedding CEO Podcast.