Using quizzes in your marketing of your wedding business is not only a great way to get new leads but it’s easy to set up. And more importantly it works.

A couple of weeks ago I was part of the Wedding Academy 24 hour live Wedding Trend Summit. And what a summit it was. We streamed live for 24 hours straight with over 35 speakers talking about all things marketing for your wedding business. If you missed it then it’s not too late as you can still get access to all the replays right here.

As part of the summit I did a full presentation on my top marketing picks for 2021 and quizzes was one element I dived into in a bit more detail.

Interactive content such as polls, questions, quizzes, surveys etc. are easy marketing tools that can really help your brand to reach people quickly.

This type of marketing gets people engaging with your content. It keeps them on your website longer and helps you beat the alogrithm.

Engagement is key to your marketing success in 2021 and quizzes are a great way to engage your audience.

I’m telling you now EVERYONE loves a good quiz.

There are just so many options here and they can be shared everywhere – on your website, social, email.

Let’s be honest nearly all of us at some time or another have probably done one of those quizzes in Cosmo, I know I have.

I use quizzes at the Wedding Academy and they’re a great lead magnet because they’re quick and easy to fill out. They’re also great for using on things like Facebook Ads when trying to attract a new audience.

One I use is ‘Could you be a Wedding Planner?‘ We take them through several questions that identifies the type of personality traits they have, how they’d react in certain situations, images they’re drawn too, things they love to do etc.

From this we can then have a good guess at whether they’d be better suited to wedding planning, wedding styling or floral design.

It’s great because the quiz uses conditional logic so depending on their answers. they get different results and a personalised email from me telling them which one would suit them.

This is smart marketing.

People feel connected with you straight away and like they’ve got value and you’ve helped them – PLUS it was fun and engaging.

Marketing isn’t just about putting an advert out there and hoping any more. It’s so much more than that. You have to give value and engage your leads. You have to be vulnerable, personable and someone they can relate to.

I don’t like taking a quiz that feels really generic and like everyone has had the same answers, which is why we make sure our results are based on the answers that are given. It isn’t a generic quiz.

Pros of a Quiz

They’re quick, easy & fun for the person taking them. They can also often help people to see what it is they really want in terms of venue, style, dress type etc.

But the other big pro is that for you, as the quiz creator, if you use the right questions you get to find out a lot about your ideal client and this is always valuable. The more you know the more you can tailor your solution so that it fits your ideal client’s needs perfectly.

Cons of a Quiz

They take a bit of setting up and you need to do some research on the questions. There are three software programs I recommend. First up, and the most economical, is Interact. Then two others that work well are Typeform and Survey Monkey.

If you’d like to know more about using lead magnets in your wedding business then download my Freebie on the Ultimate Guide to Lead Magnets below.

Lead Magnet Guide for Wedding Pros